Oct 29, 2007

Countdown continues....

12 days to go....

We are keeping busy with wedding details and getting our apartment all set up. We'll put pictures up eventually. Alex's mum and aunt's arrival on Thursday marks the beginning of the wedding festivities. Posting make continue to be a bit slim until after the honeymoon. We'll certainly put pictures up from the wedding and various events in the coming weeks.


Oct 16, 2007

A little Relationship Math

Alex and I have been doing this long distance relationship for almost 26 months. Now that our time apart is coming to an end I thought I'd give you an idea of some of the "numbers" from our life:

Miles travelled: 87,407.6 miles
Emails sent: over 2500
International phone minutes used: 40,740 (that's 679 hours or almost 29 days!)
Days together: 174
Days apart: 811

A little more then 24 hours and there will no longer be a long distance aspect to this relationship. It is all face to face from now on!


Oct 14, 2007

This time in 4 weeks, I will be married!

I just realised that I havent said when I am leaving the UK - sorry to all those who are wondering. I am leaving on Wednesday 17th October. That is this coming wednesday!
I fly from Glasgow-Dublin-Shannon-Chicago-St. Louis! It will be a long day, but it will be good to be back in St. Louis, with Sara. We move in to our apartment on Saturday, and will spend the next three weeks getting things in place for the wedding.
We probably wont be back until the spring, it looks like. We were planning on coming back here for Christmas, but it looks like my change in status will not have been processed by that time, and I am not allowed to leave the country until it comes through. Its a little disappointing, but not altogether surprising either. However, we would like to come back for Spring Break next year. We will think that through, and see how things come, but it looks like spring will be the earliest we could return to Scotland. We'll keep you posted though.


Oct 9, 2007

Official countdown.....

32 Days until The Big Day!

Also....check out pictures from our quick trip to London: here


Oct 6, 2007


My Visa interview went well last week, and my Visa arrived by courier this morning, so I now have all the paperwork that will enable Sara and I to get married! (finally!) We are getting married on November 10th, in Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, MO. We hope that many of you will be able to come, and celebrate with us.

Its pretty crazy how everything is now go, after months and months of waiting. Its a little overwhelming, but in a good way!


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