Aug 31, 2006

365 days of happiness.

August 30th is one of my favorite days. Last year I came into work and found a dozen pink roses from a really cute boy in Scotland who said he liked me. This year I recieved a bouquet of orange day lillies from my fiance. What an amazing year it has been! It truly has been 365 days of happiness. Over the course of this last year I have found my love, my best friend, and the person I am going to wake up next to for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary Baby! I look forward to a lifetime of August 30th celebrations! Posted by Picasa


Aug 17, 2006


Long time no blogging. Not much to update. It's been a busy week around work. We are in the midst of a remodling and repainting project. It is going to look really cool but right now it is a lot of work. I come home at the end of each wondering which is covered in more paint- me or the walls of the youth room! Yeah, I'm definately not a neat painter.

On a totally unrelated note.... I think I've settled on some colors for the wedding:

Sorry life is so boring right now. I'll see if I can't stir up some exciting fodder for the blog over the weekend. Posted by Picasa


Aug 10, 2006

Why I love American Airlines.

Further to my post below about the incredible journey home last month:

I got in touch with American Airlines, and told them that I had had to pay the taxi fare from the hotel to the airport, and would apppreciate if they refunded me the $41. Well, good old American Airlines have come through - not only are they refunding the fare, but they gave me a metric-ton of AAdvantage miles, and a letter apologizing for the whole incident!

I heartily recommend American Airlnes, and feel that everyone should fly with them.

Well done America.


Aug 5, 2006

We have a date.

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Aug 1, 2006

Our First Wedding Present.

Our first official wedding present arrived. Thanks to the Browns for our china. Can't wait to have a fancy dinner party. Posted by Picasa


One Year.

I should have written this post a few days ago, on the 30th, the one year anniversary of the day Alex and I met, but, alas, I was in New York and not able to get to a computer. So, a year ago, on a cool and gray Saturday Alex and I met in the fellowship hall of St. Peter's Free Church. We were in a training meeting for a discovery camp where we were both to be leaders. I had come over with a group of high school students from Twin Oaks and was loving my first trip to Scotland. My first impression of Alex was that he was a good dresser (he had a stylish North Face jacket) and he had cool shoes that clicked when he walked across the hardwood floors. I didn't really get to know him that well on that Saturday. He left early to go preach in Inverness. It wasn't until the first day of camp that we actually got to talk. Our first several conversations involved Alex giving my vocabulary lessons and informing me about crisps (not potato chips), kitchen rolls (paper towels), bin bags (garbage bags), and pants (underwear). Over the course of the week we had many more conversations and got to know each other as we washed dishes after every meal. I didn't realize that dirty dishes and soap suds could be so romantic! So, in honor of our one year anniversary, I thought I'd post some pictures from camp last year.


Bed Sweet Bed.

I arrived home last night after spending 1o days in Newark and New York City. I've been sleeping on the floor and on a less than comfortable hostel bed. So, when I walked in last night and discovered my parents had cleaned my room and put clean sheets on my bed I was practically moved to tears! I love my bed and we had a nice reunion last night!


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