Aug 11, 2007

A Short Update.

Okay, so here is the scoop on what is going on in our slightly hectic, kinda stressed lives:

First of all, I had to leave St. Louis a couple of weeks ago to come back to Scotland because my dad's health took a major dive. He has now been in hospital for seven weeks, and a fortnight ago it looked pretty grim, so I was called home quick-smart. It meant that on the thursday night we were at the baseball, and the next morning I was on a plane bound for Chicago, then on one bound for Dublin, then one to Glasgow. It was a pretty crappy situation. My dad's health, thankfully, has improved slightly. He is still in hospital. He is still very ill, but he seems to be pretty stable. The doctors still dont know what is wrong, but they do seem to be getting there. (Please pray for him, and my family. This really is a pretty distressing situation for us all - please pray that God would show the doctors what the problem is, and that He would bring healing to my dad. Please pray for us, to rejoice in the "greatness of the glory of the grace of God" and to trust Him.) So, I am back in Scotland.

However, last Saturday I got a packet from the US Embassy in London telling me what the next step in the process is. So, I am booked for a medical in London in a couple of weeks, and I am filling out forms, and collecting various documents that I need to take down to London for my final interview at the Embassy. That hasnt been scheduled yet, as I need to have everything in my possession before that is done. So, as soon as everything has been collected, I mail a checklist off to them and they give me an appointment for an interview. As exciting as all this is, it is also a little nerve-racking. This is the final hurdle, and we REALLY dont want anything going wrong now.

So, these past few weeks have been full of ups and downs, and I am sure the next few will be too. Just a short update, to let you know whats what. I will post again when there is more news.


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