May 22, 2007

This is the week that was.

A short update -
~ Here I am, sat in the Free Church College, having eaten lunch in between sittings of the General Assembly, where I am on door/sound today.
~ College finished last friday. My last exam was last tuesday, and the College closing service was on Friday. I gave the reply to the valedictory address, as I am the outgoing SRC President. It was a fine service, though the Principal's address was a bit of a diatribe about how we are not evangelicals. I thought I was. Funny to hear it coming from the mouth of a key speaker at the next IFES (International Federation of Evangelical Students) Conference, and a man who has, if memory serves, had an article on (the e-zine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals). Anyway, thats College finished with. Three years done and dusted, except for the graduation ceremony on July 4th - Indepedance Day! How fitting.
~ Sara arrives tomorrow morning. Her plane lands at 8.35am, so I shall be at Glasgow Airport to see her, and not too soon either! Boy am I ready for her to be here.
~ I have spent time since College working around the house - mainly working on our side gate, which I stripped of all its paint, undercoated, and gave two coats of paint. It is done, but I am also re-doing the metal work, and they are only have done. I shall get the second coat of primer on them tonight.
~ Sara has started a new job with a Real Estate company, which she is enjoying very much. This job is a real blessing - a job which she will really be able to enjoy and put herself into. And it will provide the cash required to support her bummy student husband!
~ Now, we look forward to a summer of relaxing, and reading, and a little travelling too.

Okay, the call of "MODERATOR!" will soon be ringing, so I need to get back to the GA.


May 2, 2007

Covenant Seminary

I got word today that I have been granted a place on Covenant Seminary's ThM programme. So, starting in January, I shall embark on that course of study! I am very excited about it... but not the extra exams that come with extra education.


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