Sep 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home.

We are, once again, sorry that there has been a lack of postage on the ol' blog. We have little excuse, but our reasons are as follows: 1) We had a crazy move in to our apartment, and are only now really getting settled, 2) We are adjusting to a new schedule, with Alex working and Sara staying at home, and not the other way around, and 3) We have no internet in our apartment and so have to blog form the church office.

However, all that aside, here are some pictures of our new home on 105 West Jones Street, Savannah. We are loving our new home. It is right in the historic district of Savannah, which means that we can feel uber-chic as we leave our home, and wander round our neighbourhood, and it also means that Alex can walk to work in 7 minutes. We love our apartment too. It is a step up, to say the least, from Atherton Drive in St. Louis. We have high ceilings (like, 12ft high high ceilings!), mouldings on the ceilings, picture rails, shutters and a back door into our bathroom. Here are some pictures:

Our bedroom, which is at the back of the apartment, overlooking the lane.

Our Living Room, which overlooks Jones Street, and the crowds of people lining up to eat at Mrs. Jones' Restaurant which is below us.

Our Kitchen.

And, our Dining Room, which is between the bedroom and the Living Room.

We like our home. Come visit us, and you will like it too!


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