Nov 30, 2007

Wedding Pictures

We are still waiting on the professional wedding pictures but here are a few albums from friends and family from the wedding day. Hope you all enjoy!

Album 1
Album 2
Album 3


Nov 23, 2007

Blogging at Bread Co.

We are back from honeymoon now, and getting all settled into our new apartment. Things are taking shape, although we still have a wee bit to go yet before it is just how we want it. We still do not have any internet at the apartment, and so are sitting in a Saint Louis Bread Co. having just had lunch, and taking advantage of their free internet.

We got back from honeymoon a week ago today. After a couple of nights staying in downtown St. Louis, we went to Galveston Island for the week. It is a small island in Texas, in the Gulf of Mexico, pretty close to Houston. It was pretty nice - warm (the "low" was 70 Fahrenheit - which resulted in some native Galvestonians donning wool coats - really.), and coastal.

The area which we stayed in was right at the harbour, in a hotel which was a converted harbour warehouse. It was a pretty nice hotel, and after an initial altercation about our room with the desk clerk we ended up with a suit on the end of the hotel, which looked out over the adjacent oil-rig yard, and also over the small shrimp fleet. The area near the hotel was the old historic Galveston - an area called The Strand, which was pretty nice. It was the off-season though, which meant that the shops closed pretty much just when they felt like it, and the streetcar did not seem to have schedule and was either seen in the distance, or going in the other direction!

Here are some pictures:

The Strand

The 'Mosquito Fleet' Shrimp boats... as seen from our room window.

The oil-rig yard at night... as seen from our room window.

Our hotel.

The Strand.

There are more pictures on our flickr account... click the link at the side.


Nov 11, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

We are married. We are happy. We'll be back after awhile with updates and pictures.


Nov 2, 2007

I could write a book....

...... and I'd title it, "101 things you don't expect to happen once you get engaged!" Number 73 would be: "Contract Shingles 10 days before your wedding." That's right folks, my back is covered in shingles. I'm on medicine and the doctor says it should clear up in time for the wedding.

Alex's mom and aunt arrived last night after a long delayed day of travel. They are tired but glad to be here in Saint Louis.


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